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How The Apex Tibial Nailing System Dynamization Mode Differs From Competitors

At OrthoXel, we are focused on evolving fracture fixation to deliver superior patient outcomes. In this video Professor James Harty speaks to how OrthoXel have taken the disadvantages of current nailing systems and engineered it into an advantage of The Apex Tibial Nailing System.

Why is The Apex Tibial Nailing System not just another nail?

Dynamization involves the removal of proximal or distal locking screws in a statically locked intramedullary nail allowing weight bearing to stimulate callus formation or bone re-growth at the fracture site.  Typically dynamization allows for additional axial movement at the fracture site and is used commonly in both tibial and femoral fractures because of the physiology resulting in weight bearing and therefore predictable load bearing activity.

In addition to its unique micromotion locking mode, The Apex Tibial Nailing System also has an improvement on traditional locking options providing dynamization mode.

The Apex Tibial Nailing System insert-guided dynamization locking mode is designed to produce superior fixation in clinical scenarios that require controlled secondary fracture apposition. The dynamized Apex nail allows axial compression while retaining very high torsional stability and removes transverse movement, with only a single proximal screw.