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Pat OConnor

OrthoXel Business Opportunity

Charles Daly

Biomechanical Engineering Challenge

Hannah Dailey

Micromotion Study Clinical Protocol

James Harty

Micromotion Surgical Advantage

Clinical Study Overview

Professor James Harty

Professor James Harty

explains Micromotion Locking

The Apex Tibial Nailing System

Dynamization Mode

Rigid Locking

explained by Professor James Harty

Apex Tibial Nailing System

Apex Nailing System Locking Screws and Bolts IFU

Apex Nailing System, Tibial and Femoral IFU

Apex Femoral Nailing System Surgical Technique Guide

Apex Tibial Nailing System Surgical Technique Guide

Apex Tibial Nail Flyer

Apex Femoral Nail Flyer

OrthoXel About Us Flyer


Early Healing in High-Risk Fractures Following Apex Micromotion Fixations


Enhanced Construct Fatigue Life with Apex Micromotion Fixation

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