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Apex Femoral Nailing System

The ultimate evolution in femoral intramedullary nailing. The US FDA 510(k) and CE Mark cleared Apex Femoral Nailing System is the only femur nailing system on the market to feature micromotion fixation along with new trajectories of advanced locking options to offer unparalleled implant flexibility, resulting in optimum fixation for a wide range of femur fracture types.

The versatile multiple trajectory locking options include micromotion to stimulate femoral shaft bone callus formation, as well as recon and rigid interlocking for unstable trochanteric / proximal fractures.

This combined antegrade-retrograde piriformis entry implant system features an anatomically optimized curvature nail for right or left compatibility streamlining inventory and instrumentation.

For more detailed device information and to read surgical technique guides if you are a healthcare professional click here.

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Apex Tibial Nailing System

The Apex Tibial Nail is the only intramedullary nailing system to feature three unique biomechanically optimized fixation options in a single intuitive platform. Micromotion fixation is designed to promote callus formation. Rigid locking achieves extraordinary construct stability with quick and simple application of a locking endcap. Gold-standard dynamization achieves controlled fracture apposition while retaining incomparable proximal fragment stability. This meticulously designed nailing system achieves optimized fixation biomechanics with familiar surgical techniques and intuitive instrumentation.

The Apex Tibial Nailing System has FDA 510(k) and CE Mark clearance. The system is currently in clinical use in Europe and fully approved for use in the United States.

NEW! Clinical Whitepaper showing early healing in high-risk fracture cases using Apex Tibial Nailing System in Micromotion Fixation Mode. Read Now.

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