What Is The Advantage of Micromotion Locking?

At OrthoXel, our objective is to enable surgeons to restore mobility and quality of life as soon as possible for patients who sustain a fractured tibia or femur. We are committed to offering innovative and cost-effective intramedullary nailing.

The Apex Tibial Nailing System contains a unique gliding proximal stem insert that enables the nail to be locked in micromotion mode, in order to promote bone callus formation at the fracture site with the goal of reducing healing time.

What is Micromotion? Micromotion locking in the Apex Tibial Nailing System produces 1mm of controlled axial movement while maintaining exceptional torsional stability.

Why Micromotion?  Micromotion fixation creates a biomechanically optimal construct for secondary bone healing by promoting bone callus formation at the fracture site and has already been associated with early healing in several high-risk cases.

Additionally, the micromotion locking mode has been proven to reduce stresses on the screws inserted in The Apex Tibial Nailing System. This reduction in stress increases the construct fatigue limit of The Apex Tibial Nailing system by nearly 15compared to traditional static locking. Read the Enhanced Construct Fatigue Life with Apex Micromotion Fixation Whitepaper.

Watch this video as Professor James Harty, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon in Cork University Hospital and OrthoXel’s Chief Medical Officer talks through The Apex Tibial Nailing System in Micromotion Locking Mode.

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