Peer Reviewed Published Article in Bone & Joint Open Journal

Pilot study of micromotion nailing for mechanical stimulation of tibial fracture healing

OrthoXel is excited to announce the first peer-reviewed journal publication detailing a summary of some of the results from the Apex Tibial Nailing System clinical study conducted over a two-and-a-half-year period at Cork University Hospital in Ireland.  The article was published on Friday 8th October in Bone & Joint Open.

During the study, 37 patients were implanted with the Apex Tibial Nailing System in Micromotion Locking Mode and no fracture type was excluded from the study. Patients treated included those with tibial fractures ranging from closed injuries and simple transverse patterns to complex open cases. One patient with Gustilo IIIB open fracture had de-gloving and muscle loss, requiring the involvement of plastic surgery as well as orthopaedics in the patient’s treatment program. All micromotion patients achieved clinical union without any secondary procedures or reoperations, resulting in a 0% nonunion rate for the group.

The reference control group against which the Apex Tibial Nailing System with micromotion was compared comprised 46 patients implanted with the current standard of intramedullary nailing care in static locking mode. This group also included a range of injury types and there were five patients who did not heal without reoperation, resulting in an 11% nonunion rate.

Keep checking our website for new information released from the study data and in the meantime check out the Bone& Joint Open access article.

Study Aims

“The study objective was to prospectively assess clinical outcomes for a pilot cohort of tibial shaft fractures treated with a new tibial nailing system that produces controlled axial interfragmentary micromotion. The hypothesis was that axial micromotion enhances fracture healing compared to static interlocking.”

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Pilot study of micromotion nailing for mechanical stimulation of tibial fracture healing

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