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Whitepaper: Early Healing in High-Risk Fractures Using Apex Tibial Nailing System Micromotion Fixation

This clinical white paper highlights four exciting, difficult surgical case reports of patients who were considered high-risk for compromised fracture healing based on their injury characteristics or comorbidities and who achieved successful, uncomplicated clinical union following the use of the Apex Tibial Nailing System utilizing the micromotion locking mode to promote bony callus formation.

Nonunion is a well-known complication that can occur in 7-19% of all tibial fractures treated in Level I Trauma Centers.  Patients who experience compromised bone healing may require multiple surgeries over a prolonged period of healing. It is also associated with significant cost of care burdens, both for the healthcare system and the patients themselves.  Known risk factors include open fractures, smoking, and systemic comorbidities.

In these featured cases extracted from an ongoing observational study of tibial fracture healing following Apex micromotion fixation, high-risk patients achieved clinical union quickly and with full return to mobility, despite having injury patterns and comorbidities known to increase the risk of nonunion.

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Source: CK-QP-PR-004 Rev 0