Product Launch – Apex Femoral Retrograde Nailing System

Retrograde Full Leg

OrthoXel is proud to announce the launch of the Apex Femoral Retrograde Nailing System, an exciting extension to our line of intramedullary nailing systems. With a precision-engineered design and patented Micromotion Gliding Insert, this system offers enhanced torsional stability, while still facilitating controlled axial motion of up to 1mm.

Published papers have noted that micromotion may have a favorable impact on clinical challenges associated with femoral nonunion and delayed healing. The Apex Femoral Retrograde Nailing System has received FDA 510(k) clearance in the United States and CE Mark approval in Europe. It is now accessible for professional use.

Patient care and safety are at the forefront of OrthoXel’s mission, and the Apex Femoral Retrograde Nailing System reflects this commitment. The system incorporates innovative locking mechanisms and screw options that provide enhanced stability, reducing the risk of implant failure and post-operative complications.

Prof. James Harty – Chief Medical Officer at OrthoXel

“The Apex Femoral Retrograde Nailing System represents a significant advancement in the field of orthopedic surgery,” said Prof. James Harty, Chief Medical Officer at OrthoXel. “We are proud to introduce a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology with an unwavering commitment to patient care. With the Apex system, surgeons will have the tools they need to achieve optimal results, while patients will benefit from a faster recovery and improved quality of life.”

We are excited to provide this breakthrough technology to the orthopedic community and believe that the Apex Femoral Retrograde Nailing System will fulfill the needs of patients and surgeons alike. We look forward to the continued success of the Apex line of products.

Apex Tibial Nail

Apex Femoral Retrograde Nail

Apex Femoral Antegrade Nail

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