OrthoXel Continues Strong Relationships with Irish Universities

April 2nd 2024

This month, we are taking a moment to reflect on the ongoing relationship and placement initiatives we have fostered with our Irish universities – predominantly in Munster, such as Munster Technological University (MTU) and University of Limerick (UL). OrthoXel actively engages with students embarking on their academic journey, to offer them invaluable work opportunities.

OrthoXel takes pride in encouraging an environment for students where innovation thrives, and talent is nurtured. We currently employ students on placement within the areas of Engineering, Supply Chain and Quality to gain real-world experiences in the medical technology industry, whilst also offering opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Students are immersed in the various team functions and the ongoing projects, and their input is greatly valued. These student placements are a mutually beneficial process – both for the organization and the university. It not only provides students with valuable skills development but has also opened doors to the industry which enhances their networking capabilities and expands their work opportunities.

For OrthoXel, student placement offers a fresh perspective into the organization and enables the company to assess potential future employees whilst investing in talent development.

We have had a number of students from placement go on to work full-time at OrthoXel and have benefited greatly from their initial placement initiatives. Our placement coordinators at MTU and UL have given great feedback regarding our placement initiative and previous students’ experiences in the organisation.

Pat O'Connor


Pat O’Connor (CEO): Fostering the Next Generation Talent

In addition to his daily responsibilities within the organization, OrthoXel’s CEO Pat O’Connor has demonstrated great commitment to nurturing the next generation of talent and fostering that interest within the medical technology industry.

Beyond his day-to-day duties, Pat has been a guest speaker on UCC’s Sprint and Ignite programs (which support entrepreneurial graduates and researchers on early-stage company start-ups) and has mentored entrepreneurs on MTU’s Student Inc – a student accelerator program designed to support young entrepreneurs with business ideas.

“I enjoy the interaction with young entrepreneurs and early stage start-up companies. Whether in the MedTech space (such as OrthoXel) or another sector, there are common themes that run through all early stage companies – so it is easy to find common ground and share my experience on the many challenges we have faced on our journey and how we overcame them.”

Pat thrives on this interest with the students as he himself, along with the co-founders of OrthoXel, spent a number of years at MTU’s Medical Engineering Design and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) where they completed the early-stage R&D on OrthoXel’s micromotion technology. The MEDIC centre is an industry-led applied research centre that specialises in the development of Medical Technologies from proof of concept through to commercialisation. Innovation and fresh perspectives brought on by student placements are valued by the CEO and ensures OrthoXel is well-informed within the industry.

Welcome to the Team!

On the topic of recruitment and opportunity, we are thrilled to announce the newest additions to our OrthoXel Team, Casey, Viktorija, and Aisling. Casey is in her 3rd year of Product Design and Technology at UL and has come on board as an Engineering Intern. She is working closely with the Engineering Team with ongoing projects and is gaining hands-on experience with digital programmes such as 3D modelling, CAD, and graphic design software.

Viktorija has joined us as Quality & Supply Chain Intern. Viktorija is a 3rd Year Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Student at Munster Technological University Cork (MTU). She will be working closely with the Quality Manager, QA/RA Director and the Senior Operations and Inventory Controller. She supports in the preparation, updating and approvals of documentation within the Supply Chain department.

We have a new addition to our Quality Team as Aisling joins us with over 14 years’ experience working in the Medical Device Sector in various Quality roles. Her role as Quality Manager is to support the Management Team and ensure that all aspects of the Quality Management System are compliant, effective, and operating in an efficient manner.

We are excited to have their talents and skills on board, and we look forward to the positive impact they will bring to our team and company.

Aisling Connolly

Quality Manager

Casey Smith orthoxel

Casey Smith

Engineering Intern

Viktorija Susaite

Quality & Supply Chain Intern

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