Apex Tibial Nailing System Whitepaper Demonstrating Enhanced Fatigue Life with Micromotion Fixation

The Apex Tibial Nailing System features a unique gliding insert system that reduces mechanical stress in the proximal screws and extends construct fatigue life.

CUH Study Principal Investigator
OrthoXel Chief Medical Officer

Professor James Harty is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at UCC and is currently working across three institutions – Cork University Hospital, South infirmary Victoria University Hospital and the Bon Secours Hospital in Cork, Ireland.  He has practiced orthopaedic surgery for over 17 years and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

An orthopaedic surgeon may therefore wish to select an implant construct based on factors including the anticipated fatigue life.

Accordingly, the purpose of this investigation was to test the performance of the Apex Tibial Nailing System under mechanical loading conditions representative of prolonged physiological weight-bearing with absent bony bridging.

The Apex Tibial Nailing System screws were tested against those of a brand leader in intramedullary nailing.

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