Apex Tibial Nailing System Now with Suprapatellar Insertion

OrthoXel is delighted to announce an instrumentation upgrade for the Apex Tibial Nailing System that allows surgeons to use both suprapatellar and infrapatellar insertion approaches.

In the suprapatellar approach, the tibia is accessed via quadriceps incision and the nail inserted behind the patella into the tibial canal. The more traditional infrapatellar approach involves a patellar-splitting or parapatellar incision.

Clinical acceptance of the suprapatellar or semi-extended approach has accelerated in recent years, particularly for proximal-third fractures that are more challenging to align in a traditional approach due to muscle forces acting through the knee. Reported advantages of the suprapatellar approach include less soft tissue damage on surgical insertion,  reduced blood loss, reduced fluoroscopy, and less likelihood of anterior knee pain for the patient.

The new suprapatellar instrumentation for the Apex Tibial Nailing System includes a state-of-the-art targeting guide. The ergonomically designed insertion handle features a reusable protective sleeve to prevent damage to the patella and surrounding soft tissue during the opening and canal reaming processes.

Insertion Handle with Reusable Anchoring Protection Sleeve

The reusable protective sleeve assembly shown here reduces the need for additional cost burden to the hospital system for single sterile use instrumentation and reduces the environmental impact of single-use plastics.

Targeting Arm in Use for Suprapatellar Insertion

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