Apex Femoral Nailing System

The Apex Femoral Nail is fracture fixation reinvented – the first and only femoral nailing system to feature micromotion fixation as well as recon and interlocking fixation modes for ultimate intraoperative control. New screw trajectories provide unparalleled freedom of choice to tackle the most complex clinical scenarios. This combined antegrade-retrograde piriformis entry implant system features an anatomically optimized curvature nail for right or left compatibility for streamlining inventory and instrumentation. The Apex Femoral Nailing System has FDA 510(k) clearance for use in the United States and is also CE Mark cleared for the European Economic Area.

Unique Axial Micromotion Unique Axial Micromotion-2 Proximal Interlocking Proximal Rigid Locking Proximal Mediolateral Screw

Antegrade Locking Options

Unique Axial Micromotion Unique Axial Micromotion-2 Distal Interlocking Distal Rigid Locking

Retrograde Locking Options