Micromotion Story

The Development of Micromotion Technology for Intramedullary Nailing

Preclinical and clinical studies have repeatedly shown that bone fracture healing proceeds most efficiently when two biomechanical conditions are met:

  1. torsional stability to prevent rotation of the bone fragments
  2. axial flexibility to allow a small amount of controlled micromotion at the fracture line.

This perfect combination of stability and flexibility has been shown to enhance healing in fractures treated with plates and external fixators, but until now, has been elusive in intramedullary nails. To meet this need, OrthoXel developed the first micromotion-enabled intramedullary nailing system, which achieves extraordinary torsional stability while preserving axial micromotion to stimulate bone healing.

Watch the videos to hear OrthoXel founders talk to the business opportunity, how engineering met the biomechanical challenge of integrating micromotion into IM nailing, the development of a new unique clinical protocol and the early results from the ongoing clinical study.

The Apex Tibial Nailing System and Apex Femoral Nailing System are both designed with a patented gliding insert, which allows the implanted device to achieve a biomechanically optimal 1 mm of motion during the early recovery period after surgery.

The Apex Nailing Systems are the first and only intramedullary nails with micromotion technology. Watch the videos here to learn about the market opportunity, the biomechanically engineered design, the innovative clinical evaluation protocol being used to study the Apex Nailing System, and the results from the clinical study of over 30 patients implanted with Apex Tibial Nails in micromotion locking mode.