Our Story

Who We Are

OrthoXel is a dynamic medical device company that was founded to create innovative orthopaedic trauma devices that are inspired by surgeons and focused on delivering superior patient outcomes. OrthoXel has an exceptional team with a vast array of experience from large multinational medical device companies, regulatory agencies, academia, clinical research, and start-up companies. OrthoXel culture is guided by a philosophy of evidence-based design. Our process integrates the best available clinical evidence and a focus on surgeon needs to develop devices that achieve technological advances without compromising ease of implantation.

Company History

OrthoXel was founded in 2014 by a diverse leadership team with significant experience in clinical orthopaedics, biomechanics, entrepreneurship, and the medical device industry. Our growing team now includes top class engineers in the field of orthopaedic trauma with a wide range of experience across various multinationals. Our people include savvy individuals with specific regulatory affairs experience, commercial expertise, world advertising awards and in-depth knowledge of medtech quality assurance.

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Our flagship tibial and femoral products grew out of five years of research and development work in the Medical Engineering Design and Innovation Centre at Cork Institute of Technology. The company has been and continues to be supported, by Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Office Cork, Cork Institute of Technology, University College Cork and many others who saw the vision for OrthoXel’s long term potential.

What Makes OrthoXel different?

OrthoXel is focused on improving implant design to achieve the best possible health outcomes for patients. We care passionately about our mission to restore quality of life after injury and we are committed to offering surgeons innovative and cost-effective fracture care solutions. OrthoXel have introduced the world’s first intramedullary nail with controlled micromotion fixation. The Apex Tibial Nail is the next evolution in fracture fixation – the first and only nailing system to promote secondary bone healing with controlled axial micromotion and outstanding torsional stability.

OrthoXel Evolving Fracture Fixation