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High-Risk Case: Insulin Dependent Brittle Diabetic OTA/AO 42-A1 Fracture

Case Information: Female, age 46, insulin-dependent brittle diabetes with poorly controlled blood sugar (elevated HbA1c).  Fall from standing height resulted in a closed tibial fracture, OTA/AO 42-A1. The patient...

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Early Healing in High-Risk Tibial Fractures Following Apex Micromotion Fixation

The following is an introduction to a series of high-risk cases from the Clinical Study conducted at Cork University Hospital in a Level I trauma center over a two-year...

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Illustration of micromotion

Why is micromotion so valuable in fracture healing?

It is widely recognized that micromotion contributes to fracture healing by stimulating the formation of bridging callus. Studies of dynamic plating and flexible external fixation devices in large animals...

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