After a long bone fracture, 1 in 4 patients experience problems with their bone healing. Delayed union occurs when the bone is slow to heal. Some of these patients do not heal at all, a condition known as nonunion.

Nonunion and Delayed Healing in Tibial Fractures

Evidence based on tibial fractures treated in North American Level I Trauma Centers, U.S. Managed Care Claims Data, and UK + Europe. Tibial nonunions are reported to occur at a rate of between 7-19% (according to various published articles).

Nonunion patients may require multiple surgeries over a protracted period of care. Compared to patients healing normally, nonunion patients have more pain and longer duration of opioid use, higher rates of depression requiring treatment, and longer periods of disability resulting in more lost earned income. Less than 60% of tibial fracture nonunion patients return to work within one year.

The Apex Nailing System was designed to promote faster fracture healing and reduce the clinical problems of delayed healing and nonunion.